What Is Nano-Amplified Molecular-CBD?

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What Is Molecular-CBD? 


Nanotechnology is a scientific process in which substances are broken down to the atomic, molecular, and supramolecular level while the main goal of nanomedicine is to attempt to increase the pharmaceutical bioavailability of therapeutic substances. 

With an increase interest in nanotechnology, and its application in a wide range industries and processes, it is now wonder that the word “nano” can now be seen on everything from medications, to beauty products, and supplements.  And, not to be left behind, now also in the world of cannabidiol (CBD) products.   



In a very much simplified version of the process, here is how it works:  Scientists have the ability to break certain substances, like CBD down into nano-sized, molecular or micro-particles that are so small that they are more easily and more efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream, than when compared to regular sized CBD particles.  



As the CBD particles get smaller and smaller, nano-amplified molecular-CBD in most ways, have the same properties as regular CBD.  But, in some other ways, it shows properties that regular CBD does not.  Due to the smaller size of the individual particles of nano-amplified molecular-CBD, it can pass through, and interact with parts of the body, that regular CBD cannot.

It is because of this property of nano-amplified molecular-CBD that the bioavailability (the degree and rate at which an administered substance is absorbed by the body's circulatory system) of nano-amplified molecular-CBD is much higher, when compared to regular CBD.  This means that you need much less nano-amplified molecular-CBD to see the same effects of larger doses of regular CBD. 

Other benefits of nano-amplified molecular-CBD is that, due to the nano-sized particles, not only is its absorption greatly improved for both oral and topical application making them work faster, but the effects are more predictable and uniform for every person.  Moreover, unlike regular CBD that has to be mixed with oil, nano-amplified molecular-CBD can also be mixed with water.  And, considering that 95 percent of our bodies  consist of water, the absorption of water-compatable molecules are always going to be higher than non-water-compatable molecules.



In short, nano-amplified molecular-CBD products offer the same anti-axiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and other benefits of regular CBD, but it is much more bioavailable, making the onset of action much faster at lower dosages.  This makes it especially attractive to people who need relief quickly.

Even though scientists admit that there is much that still much that needs to be learned about nano-amplified molecular-CBD and how it works in the body, the latest body of research show that it can provide a safe, powerful and effective natural remedy for a variety of health issues.  But, it is also important to remember that not all nano-amplified molecular-CBD products are created equally.  Before buying any nano-amplified molecular-CBD product, it is important to not only look at the price, but to also make sure you buy from a reputable European company.  

Here at Goldfish Amsterdam we guarantee that all our products are free from THC, and third-party laboratory tested.  In addition, our ingredients are free from pesticides, heavy metals, allergens, as well as being a 100% natural and sustainable.

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